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The Variety Of PC200-6 Excavator Controller Computer Board

for PC200-6 Excavator Controller Computer Board. there are three kinds. 6D102, 6D95 and ...

Usually, we see the part number to recognize the products. for pc200-6 6D95 and PC200-6 6D102 Excavator Controller, it is very easy. for PC200-6 6D95 Excavator controller,  it has two computer board, one is big board and the other small board. and here are the pictures for pc200-6 6D95 Excavator controller.

and here are some pictures about other two kinds.

PC200-6大机头电脑板 (2).jpg

PC200-6 环保机头电脑板 (2).jpg

it looks same in apperance. but program is totally different. so you must be sure that your part number is right. so that we can tell you.

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