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The Function Of Controller For Excavators

Brief Introduction about Excavator Controller

Excavator Controller, also named excavator computer board, play an very important role on the dairy work for the excavators. Excavator controller just like our brain. The computer board is just like our human brain. It compares, calculates, processes, and outputs various sensor information collected. It controls the engine speed to coordinate with the motion of the hydraulic system. Each excavator has a controller, but the installation site is different. Such as Komatsu excavators, the controller is on the right of the cabin.

The Definition of Controller's Connector

The Description of its Function

⑴ It may change the brand of throttle motor which uses DC motor ( Such as Daewoo, Hyundai, XCMG, Liugong, Longong, Sany, etc) (If the electronic throttle function is on the computer board with the hydraulic pressure plate, if the throttle part is damaged, the universal throttle board can be replaced with the electronic throttle function.)

⑵ Peripheral wiring requires external power supply, 2 pressure switches, throttle knob potentiometer, throttle motor, speed sensor. it can be equipped with electronic throttle function.

⑶ Through the throttle knob can add or subtract throttle, open the automatic idle switch, if the speed is more than about 1200 rpm, after 5 seconds to automatically adjust the idle speed, when the pressure switch, automatic idling switch, throttle knob any condition changes exit idling to throttle The rotary speed position set by the knob.

⑷ There are differences in the number of teeth of different engine flywheels and thus there will be differences in detection of the speed signal.

⑸ The pressure switch is normally open. That is, when the pressure switch is disconnected, it is a necessary condition for automatic idling. When the pressure switch is turned on, it will automatically idling when it is grounded.

⑹ The connection of the speed sensor only needs to be connected in parallel, that is, it is not necessary to disconnect the original car line. It is only necessary to strip the harness of the original vehicle speed sensor and connect the two lines in parallel.

Factors may Damage the Controller

The most common cause of computer board damage is water ingress and mechanical shock. In addition, lightning strikes, welding surges, pin rust, and internal component ablation can also damage the computer board. To prevent welding surges, the usual practice is to disconnect the power supply of the whole machine, that is, cut off the battery switch. Some manufacturers even require the user to disconnect the computer board from the complete harness before using the welding. The most common cause of pin rust is the poor sealing performance of the large plug of the computer board, which leads to moisture immersion. Finally, after a long period of time, the pin is broken or the contact is poor.

Computer board damage generally has the following conditions:

⒈ Generator failure causes high voltage in the circuit.

⒉ The battery is connected in series when the user starts the engine.

⒊ Private use of electrical appliances to increase the use of electricity, due to excessive current and burning.

⒋ Generator regulator failure, resulting in excessive generator power generation.

⒌ The positive and negative electrodes of the battery are connected incorrectly, and the aging of the wire harness and the short grounding are bad.

⒍ Do not repair according to the operating specifications, hot plug ECM.

⒎ The excavator cuts the cable and suffers an external high-voltage electric shock.

⒏ Misuse of large-capacity fuses.

⒐  Water poured into the cntroller, causing a short circuit.

⒑  The computer board is incorrectly wired or improperly inserted or removed.


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