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The First Night After The Jiuzhaigou Earthquake, Villagers Spontaneously Used Excavators To Rob The Highway

August 8 21:19, Sichuan aba Jiuzhaigou County occurrence of a 7-magnitude earthquake. More than 10 seconds of intense shaking, the county suddenly power off, people rushed to the outdoor hedge. Tens of thousands of of affected people and tourists to survive the emergency situation, the rescue teams around the starry night, the local villagers spontaneously driving excavators grab access to the highway, more than 200 volunteers to participate in the rescue ... The first night after the earthquake, it became warm and orderly.

Auto lighting set up outdoor emergency room

After the earthquake, red quickly start emergency response, from the Chengdu Disaster Relief Center Meishan warehouse to the disaster area emergency allocation of 1000 families, Quilts 2000 bed, tents 200 top. Sichuan Province Red Cross has sent disaster relief Working group to the disaster area, the first batch of Deyang Red Cross relief team rushed to the disaster area.

8th Night, Sichuan Province Fire brigade staff Zheng received the disaster report, the provincial Public Security fire Brigade has mobilized Aba, Chengdu, Guangyuan, Bazhong, Dazhou, Guangan and other earthquake emergency rescue Team 610 people, 8 rescue dogs rushed to the epicenter of rescue.

It is reported that after the earthquake, the Aba military immediately start emergency relief contingency plan, Ruoergai County BU, Songpan County BU 100 militia to participate in the rescue operation. Jiuzhaigou, Songpan, Hongyuan, Ruoergai and other counties organize mineral water, dry food, clothing, tents, quilts, medical equipment and other relief supplies to the disaster area. For security reasons, many of the visitors were temporarily arranged by travel agencies to the bus to stay, the hotel to provide these tourists with cold bedding and other supplies.

The report said, Jiuzhaigou County appointed deputy director of Shieber said, in order to rehouse tourists and affected people, county government required all counties and township units vacated office building space, open the door, all night light, convenient for the masses to enter. Party cadres in the earthquake after the initiative to the county side of the road set, all the county security have been full of posts, to ensure traffic, maintain order.

After the earthquake, there was a power outage in Jiuzhaigou County. Jiuzhaigou County Second People's Hospital also power outage, the injured can not be cured. A witness shooting video shows, in order to allow doctors to rescue the injured, Goat Tong Police Station Police mobilize 4 vehicles, with car lights lighting, in the hospital outdoor set up temporary emergency room.

200 local volunteers involved in the rescue

After the earthquake, the wounded were sent to the hospital. 9th 2 o'clock in the morning Xu, a volunteer at the Jiuzhaigou County People's Hospital, Mr. Gao and his medical staff are treating the injured, local rain, suitable for rescue work.

Mr. Gao is the local a cadres, after the earthquake occurred, including Mr. Gao, Jiuzhaigou volunteers came to the hospital, followed by the government and the hospital unified arrangements to participate in the rescue.

The video provided by Mr. Gao shows that in the hospital lobby, more people are being treated in situ. Mr. Gao says hospitals are more injured, and there are many wounded in the lobby.

According to Mr. Gao, at present, the local volunteers to participate in the rescue of about 200 people, they have old people, there are young people, and even tourists. We have a group of 10 people, a total of more than 10 groups, all in the local government, hospital staff arrangements, to do transportation materials, tents, transport casualties and other work.

Villagers spontaneously use excavators to rob highways

8th 23:34, in Jiuzhaigou on the Temple of the Dragon Wu Zeren in the micro-letter sent for help message: "Temple village need Rescue!" There are wounded! The foreign tourist car also has been hurt different degree injury!! Need help. "

Dragon Wu Zeren is on the Temple village villagers, 9th early morning, after the earthquake occurred, on the outskirts of the temple surrounding the road several kilometers are blocked, villagers in the mountain stockade, can continue to hear the stone rolling down, drowning in the sound. Dragon Wu Zeren said, 301 Provincial Road is located at the foot of the mountain, villagers worried that the provincial road may form a lake, so the spontaneous use of excavators to rob the road, and stranded on the road, can start the tourist car all open up the temple Zhai three teams Ping zone.

From the temple in the village of the 50-meter-long junction, Dragon Wu Zeren See, there is a villager's waist was smashed, another person's leg was broken, waiting for rescue.

Local residents are friendly and small sellers have not had the opportunity to raise prices

When the quake struck, Yang Rongfei thought it was a landslide, but the apparent tremors quickly made them aware of the quake.

Yang Rongfei is Shanghai people, and more than 10 relatives and friends of the group to Jiuzhaigou tourism, the whole group of more than 30 people. 8th, they traveled from Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou, intending to stay in Jiuzhai paradise that night. In the scenic area from Jiuzhai Paradise 10 kilometers, the road ahead of the landslide, the car was smashed. The people in the car were all right, but the road was sealed. Soon, the crowd came out of the hotel and hotel and gathered at the curb, "everyone felt that it would be safer to stay in the open." After all, the aftershocks were constant, but the locals were friendly and the commissary did not raise prices. The guide is also constantly reminding you to pay attention to the content. ”

The road ahead has been sealed dead, at night can not rescue, everyone is waiting in situ. "It was a little tense at first, but now it's a lot of people and not too scared," Yang Rongfei says. ”

8th Night, a three-Jiuzhai resort in the tourist Ma Jing she stayed at the hotel no one was injured, the hotel staff of the water, sheets, can warm things and so on are sent to the hotel guests, "We are now in the courtyard of the hotel, is very safe." ”

Ms. Sun and her husband in Jiuzhaigou famous hotel, after the earthquake, the hotel power outage, guests run to the hotel outside the small square refuge. Ms. Sun said the hotel had provided quilts and water, and they had contacted the guide to see if they could leave tomorrow.

Because the power has not been restored, the mobile phone is facing no electric shutdown, Ms. Sun does not dare to keep in touch with the outside world. Ms. Sun said, the hotel around the road backer, although a dark, but can hear the forklift to clean the road, police cars have become more frequent.

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