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The Excavator Will Spontaneously Combust On The Site

The newspaper (reporter Ye Yongchun) busy a morning, noon to take a body to eat meal time, well parked excavator suddenly temper, smoke ignited the fire. After the fire, firefighters rushed to save nearly 20 minutes, the "steel armour" within the fire completely extinguished.

Yesterday, 12:20 noon Xu, the Park Chongwen Road on a site, a dock on the muck of the excavator suddenly smoke ignited fire. At this time, just to eat back to the workers found immediately after the use of fire fighting facilities, but because the fire part is located inside the excavator, fuselage four weeks full of thick "steel armour", want to extinguish the fire, not so easy. After receiving the alarm, Suzhou Fire Brigade Lake Squadron deployed 3 fire engines to the scene.

When the firemen arrived, the excavator was in a violent state of burning, but the fire had not all spread outside the fuselage. Immediately after the firemen evacuated the surrounding masses, and laying water to save, saw water rushed to the boiling fuselage, evaporation produced a large number of vapor. The fire was completely extinguished after a 20-minute rescue. According to the site workers, this excavator has been working in the morning, may be too high temperature or internal line aging, resulting in spontaneous combustion. At present, the construction side has contacted the relevant personnel to check to find out the specific cause of the fire.

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