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Second-hand Digging Machine Worth The Price? You'll Know When You Finish

For most individual users, buying a second-hand excavator is relatively small in terms of financial pressure, suitable for getting started or expanding rapidly. But the new machine has the corresponding maintenance after-sales service, while the second-hand digging machine even if the maintenance is no better than the new machine, repair is cost. So it's important to evaluate whether a second-hand digger is worth the money.

At present, there is not a complete evaluation of the standard of second-hand excavator in our country, and most users can not make an accurate evaluation. Refer to the Friends of the comments, here is a method used to approximate evaluation of second-hand excavators, the specific method is to divide the price of second-hand equipment into the basic price and adjustment price.

Basic price

The base price is determined by the number of hours used by the excavator.

In China, the service life of construction machinery and equipment is generally designed for 10 years (even if the excavator is used for 10 years, the price will be lower because of the launch of new products).

The average number of hours of use per year for a excavator is about 2000 hours. In the normal use of the case, the engine overhaul cycle is 10,000-15,000 hours, the hydraulic pump life is generally more than 20,000 hours, other parts such as hydraulic motor, gear box, main control valve, etc. life expectancy is longer.

In other words, in the absence of accidents, the new machine within 5 years without overhaul. According to the current standard of depreciation, excavator depreciation according to the first year 20%, after the annual decline of 5%, five years later, due to some parts of the aging, wear and other reasons, need to carry out a series of repairs to the excavator, which makes the equipment depreciation rate stable in about 5% or lower, so the price stability in the drop. With the replacement of technology and the overall aging machinery itself, 10 years after the price to the machine price below 20%.

Adjustment price

After the basic price is determined, the specific second-hand excavator according to the different circumstances of the adjustment.

Engine: Starting normal, no lower exhaust, exhaust smoke normal, low, medium and high speed sound evenly; no leaking oil leakage, no high temperature test, no abnormal appearance.

Hydraulic part: The appearance of each oil cylinder is normal, no oil spills without falling, and the piston rod is free from pulling, stripping and bending. Rotary motor is easy to start, stop drift is small, there is no abnormal noise in the rotation, no oil leakage. Walking motor at the same speed of the engine, both sides of the same track idling speed, walking strong no snake, high and low speed transform obvious, no abnormal sound, ordinary land in situ turn easy, no oil leakage. Hydraulic pump without oil leakage, no abnormal sound, while the normal walking conditions.

Slewing system: The appearance is no abnormal, bearing clearance is small, lifting arm makes shovel bucket off the ground, hand push big arm around swing small.

Electrical parts: Electrical instrumentation, such as full-featured

The oil tank, radiator no deformation leak leakage.

CAB: Complete no variant.

Cover, cover, guard plate, frame: no deformation cracking.

Working device: Large, small arm shovel bucket are not abnormal, cracking, variant, two times processing.

Walking part: Four wheels wear normal, no cracking, track board without defect deformation.

The inspection of the above items is normal, the adjustment price of this excavator is zero. If there is a problematic part, the adjustment price is the cost price that is required to restore the part's normal functionality. The final price of the device is the base price minus the adjustment price for all parts that need to be repaired. namely: Equipment Final Price = basic price-adjustment price.

In addition, if the large or important parts of the second-hand excavator have been overhauled and changed, then the price should be adjusted accordingly.

In the specific evaluation process, because different areas of the model preferences are not the same, so the same equipment may be different people will give different prices, the difference may not be small. Then, users in the purchase of second-hand excavators must be aware of the local market, the details of the excavator as far as possible to understand, as far as possible to buy their own satisfactory excavator.

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