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Machinery Industry Investment Research Report: First Half Of Excavator Sales High Growth Forklift Sales Innovation High

Last week, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway recently carried out a 350-kilometer-per-hour test run, is expected to be the first before and after the National day speed. Mechanical plate will usher in the Performance window period, from the disclosure of the forecast, construction machinery, lithium automation and 3C Automation performance High growth: which LiuGong net profit 1440%, pilot intelligence +100%, Jin Tuo +70%, Hong Asia CNC + 88%. Focus on: Construction machinery (31 heavy industry, LiuGong), Rail delivery equipment (Connie electromechanical), 3C automation (Strength extension shares), plate furniture machinery (Hong ya CNC), sewing machinery (Jack shares), LNG gas cylinders + fuel cell industry (Furette installed).

Construction Machinery: The first half of excavator sales growth, forklift sales of high innovation. (1) According to the Construction Machinery Association data, this year January-June 26 mainframe manufacturing enterprises accumulated sales Excavator 75069 units, year-on-year growth of 100.5%, the first half of sales have exceeded last year (70320 units), with the same period in 2012 sales close. Domestic brand Excavator market share of 51%, the Japanese brand 20.9%, Europe and the United States and Korea respectively accounted for 17%, 11%. Affected by the high base effect, the second half of the sales growth rate may fall, Full-year sales forecast of about 120,000, growth of 50%-70%. (2) Forklift truck sales volume of 243,000 units in January-June this year, the year-on-year growth of 34%, the same period reached a record high. One of the internal combustion forklift Sales 151,000 units (+ 28.8%), accounted for 62%, electric forklift sales 92,000 units (+44%), accounted for 38%. In the long run, with the increase of manufacturing scale and the penetration rate of forklift truck, the market scale of forklift industry will continue to grow and space can be multiplied. Continuous recommendation: 31 Heavy industry, Anhui Heli, LiuGong, Xugong machinery.

BEIJING-Shanghai High-speed railway is expected to speed up, bringing in EMU and purchase demand increase. BEIJING-Shanghai High-speed railway recently carried out a 350-kilometer-per-hour test run, is expected to be the first before and after the national day to speed up to 350km/h. High-speed railway expansion, train operation loss accelerated, we expect the next five years to increase the scale of annual maintenance will reach 10 billion yuan. At present, China's iron investment has announced the first round of the 2017 senior overhaul of the tender announcement, three-tier repair train 376, four-class train 43. The density of EMU in China is expected to be further improved after the high-speed train speed increase, and the purchase quantity of motor cars will be higher, the total bidding of the railway in the first half of 2017 is 60, and the bidding for 350km/h's Chinese standard is announced. With the rapid development of high-speed rail, combined with the recent Chinese standard "fuxing" on-line operation, the three-quarter railway project intensive approval period, the year-round protection of 800 billion investment high, the second half of the EMU bidding expected to gradually landing, railway equipment plate ushered in intensive catalysis.

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