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Liebherr World's Largest Tonnage Mining Hydraulic Excavator Re-o Customer Order

Liebherr Mining Hydraulic excavator has been welcomed and praised by the mining company because of its high efficiency, safe and reliable, comfortable handling and easy maintenance.

Australia's leading mining company, the mining company, recently procured a Liebherr-R9800 backhoe excavator for its contracted BHP Billiton Mitsubishi United BMA Australia Goonyella Mining mission.

Over the past more than 90 years, the industry has successfully provided mining and infrastructure services to a number of famous mining companies around the world, and the mining industry has been able to meet the needs of all construction and production stages of the entire production cycle of coal mines and metal mines.

Since 2009, the company has purchased 4 sets of R9400 and 4 R9800 mining hydraulic excavators from Liebherr, all of which are used in coal and iron mining.

Liebherr's large mining hydraulic excavator bucket capacity from 7 cubic to 47.5 cubic meters, with 9 different size models can be selected.

R9800 is the world's largest tonnage of mining hydraulic excavator, power up to 4000 horsepower, bucket capacity of up to 47.5 cubic meters, can be equipped with diesel engines as a power, but also in the electricity price concessions to select the motor-driven version of the mine.

The Liebherr R9800 can be flexibly configured according to the use conditions and requirements of different mine users and is ideally suited to the mining of oversized mines, the perfect partner for Liebherr's 221-ton T264 or 360-ton T284 electric wheel dump truck.

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