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Happy Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's day in China. and then i will show you a story about the history about the festival.

it is happened between the cowherd and the weaver.


One day cowherd got across them bathing in a lake .encouraged by old cow, he stolen a red clothes. The fairy sisters pull out as soon as quickly when they saw cowherd But the girl weaver unable to return to the heaven without clothes.She identified him as her lover.She married the cowherd and had a son and a daughter. They led a happy life with husband tilling the land and wife weaving. When the god of heaven learned it  he was wrathed and ordered the girl weaver be brought back. The cowherd and their children came back home to find her gone. With the old ox help he would go to heaven to find his wife. However the queen mother separated them by a large river. After on the seventh day of the seventh month of lunar calendar. 

How beautiful the story is. Thus the day of love to celebrate their reunion, and it can be considered as the oriental valentine’s day. It is concerned with love, which reflect people's recognition of true love.The story asserted uncn entional love. It tells us that whatever difficulty has lover must be get together. 

In ancient times, human being were bow god in worship. And they cannot against the god. But for the girl weaver the cowherd against the god. It need a great of courage. And the girl weaver love a poor man. How lofty quality is. 

The love go beyond reality. The people who love or be love can’t together were recalling. This story is a dream of a lot people. Maybe it's the circulate reason .

Wish all the lovers happy every day!

And here are some photos about the story.



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