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Excavator High Temperature Simmer What To Do? The Old Driver Teaches You A Few Strokes

Users found that excavators have "simmer" fault, must be taken seriously, should stop in time for the construction work, water temperature too high can not rush to open the radiator cover heat, because hot water spray will hurt people, to take reasonable treatment, to avoid "simmer" damage.

First, stop the construction engine idling speed operation

When the engine "simmer", hand first should stop construction immediately, not immediately flameout. The engine idling operation, reducing the load and rotational speed, the friction of the mechanical parts of the heat reduction, engine heat production correspondingly reduced, can reduce the water temperature rise speed.

Second, open the shutters for ventilation and cooling

Cooling is the key to solve the "simmer" problem, you can open the side of the excavator door, shutters all open, to increase the role of air flow, so that the water temperature in the cooling fan under the action of a little drop, and release the cooling system produced a large number of bubbles, thus reducing the speed of water temperature

Third, wait for the temperature drop and then spin the hot water radiator lid

"Simmer" can not immediately spin the water radiator lid, then when it? Engine idling running a few minutes, so that the water temperature will not be boiling, this time can be covered with a towel or a veil soaked water radiator cover, slowly unscrew one point water radiator lid, water vapor to be released in the radiator, at this time in all the heat sink lid. Remember to be careful when operating, in case hot water burns the face.

If the engine has stalled, start the engine quickly and make it idle; if the engine can not be started after flameout, the throttle should be turned off, with a hand crank to crank the crankshaft; if there is no hand, can be intermittent use of the starting machine to let the piston reciprocating movement several times, through the suction, exhaust ventilation movement, so that the heat in the cylinder distribution.

IV. Add COOLANT to temperature drop

When the temperature drops, check the water tank coolant is not missing, add coolant, do not raise different types of coolant, generally do not raise water, unless the emergency. When there is no coolant, must be emergency treatment, to water radiator add cooling water, to wait until the water temperature drops to 70 ℃ or so, with the method of gradual water injection, side slowly add water, while the engine idling operation.

Heat Sink Cleaning

"Simmer" is due to the high temperature of the excavator, when after processing temperature drops, we need to carefully check the radiator to clean up the impurities, treatment of internal grease and scale, to ensure good heat dissipation.

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