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Excavator Fuse Box

When your excavators get into trouble in electrical or fuse problem, and you know little about the fuse in the fuse box, so you do not know how to handle it. Here are some news Wansheng-Jision shared about fuse box.

The Function of Fuse Box

Fuse is to guarantee the safety of circuit of electrical parts. When the circuit broken, with the rising of the circuit, the electric current may be more and more high. at the same time, it may has the possibility to damage some of the important components in the circuit, and also can cause the circuit fired, thus cause the fire accident. If the fuse is installed in the circuit, fuse may rise on the definite level, and cut off self-fuse current. So as to protect the safe operation of the circuit. When the circuit can not work as usual, it may be the problem of the fuse. please check!

Matters Need Attention

After the fuse corrosion surface cover while powder. or the fuse between the bearing and the fuse is loose, and must be replaced. Should turn off the power before replacing the fuse. Place have a spare fuse on the inner side of the fuse box. Replacing the fuse, must ensure that new and old fuse of the same type and specification, otherwise will lead to damage of electrical system. If you need frequent replacing the fuse, indicates the electrical system failure may be produced.


First, put your hand onto the cover which behind the cabin, and pull it up.


Second, when removing the cover plate of the fuse box, pressing the locking part of the cover to the inside and lift the lock.

Third, when replacing the fuse, please use the fuse in the fuse box to remove it.

Forth, please remove the cover after the replacement.

Different excavators has different instruction. if you don't know, you can ask us, we can provide you very professional team to help you!

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