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Different Name For Controller

Excavator Controller is one of the most important parts in excavator. and this time, i want to show your some different name about it. by the way, excavator controller is also called excavator computer board.

First, it is MCU, it is a name of Hyundai controller. 

Second, it is CPU for Kobelco.

Third, it is ECU and VECU for Volvo.

and this is different name for different brand. and then, i will show you some hot sale controller for different brand.

The first one is for Hyundai. for Hyundai, there are R-7 and R-9 excavator controller. and here are the pictures.

this one is R-7 controller, made in China, and with three months warranty. for more details, please visit the link:

this is product for R-9 excavator MCU. it is also made in China. with three months' warranty.

The second part is for Volvo VECU, ECU.

Hydraulic board and engine board, both ecu is made in China, with three months' warranty.

Third, it is for Kobelco CPU.

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