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Daily Maintenance And Maintenance Of Excavators

In recent years, the site can be seen everywhere excavator figure, in the construction machinery industry, excavator position is pivotal, for the completion of a project, is completely inseparable from the excavator, so for the day-to-day maintenance of excavators, are very important.

1, slewing bearing reducer, the engine screws loose, require and apply threaded gum, must be tight and firm.

2, all butter mouth, slewing support, every 10 days 115 days rub butter, different angles every 4-8 hours dozen butter two times, the first work of the reducer within 520 hours of replacement, after one years to replace 2-3 times, the engine must preheat 10-15 minutes to work.

3, the hydraulic oil is divided into winter and summer two kinds, winter oil is no. 32nd or 46th, Summer oil 68 or 100th, must be anti-wear hydraulic oil, the difference is the summer temperature is high, the use of hydraulic oil viscosity high, winter temperature is low, the use of hydraulic oil viscosity is low.

4, regularly check the loosening of the whole vehicle screws, slewing support and walking part of the front and rear axle screw connection plate tightened firmly.

5, the excavator before flameout must run at low speed 10-15 minutes, first of all bucket and bucket vertical to the ground, pilot valve activities, the hydraulic oil system pressure to unload.

6, slewing motor, motor fixed frame, one axis clutch, samsung frame, one axis, Samsung hoist, driving gear ring, vertical shaft.

7, Rotary reducer and walking reducer How to replace gear oil to remove the gear oil, add diesel after the car idling for 5 minutes and then put off diesel oil and then add gear oil, gear oil should add double drive line 18th, walking reducer and gear oil each 3.5 liters, rotary reducer plus gear oil 3.5 liters, walking reducer and gear oil each 7 liters, rotary reducer plus gear oil 3 liters.

8, the first use of hydraulic excavator oil must be clean, in line with the use of the season marking, to ensure that the oil pipeline unblocked, not into the air, regular cleaning or replacement of the filter, hydraulic oil is not allowed to contain water, according to the season to replace hydraulic oil, force source pump in the replacement of oil refueling should loosen the exhaust bolts, air discharge.

9, hydraulic oil cylinder, oil leakage how to do the hydraulic cylinder is strictly prohibited, will lead to the early life of the oil cylinder Fall and guide sleeve damage, seal ring wear, control cylinder stroke, seal ring normal wear, replace seals. The hydraulic oil impurity causes the seal piece to be damaged, the filtration hydraulic oil replaces seals.

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