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Safety rules for Excavators


The first, digging every time to eat soil should not be too deep, not too fierce, so as not to damage the machinery or cause overturning accident. When the bucket is falling, be careful not to hit the track and frame.

Second, with the excavator operation, to carry out the clearing, flat, slope repair personnel, must work within the excavator radius. If you must work in the radius of the excavator, the excavator must be stopped and the rotary mechanism will be braked before the work can be carried out. At the same time, on-machine personnel to take care of each other, close cooperation to ensure safety.

In the range of loading activities of excavators, vehicles and pedestrians shall not be allowed to stay. If the car to unload material, should wait for the car to stop stable, the driver left the cab, the side can be slewing shovel bucket, to the car unloading material. When the excavator is turning, avoid the bucket from the top of the cab. Unloading, the bucket should be as low as possible, but also pay attention not to crash any part of the car.

Article fourth, when the excavator rotates, the rotary clutch is applied to the rotary mechanism brake to rotate smoothly, which prohibits the sharp turning and emergency braking.

Article fifth, before the bucket has not left the ground, may not do the rotation, walking and other actions. When the bucket is full, it is not allowed to rise and fall arm and walk.

Article sixth, crawler-type excavator movement, the arm should be placed in the direction of walking forward, the bucket from the ground height of not more than 1 meters. and brake the revolving mechanism.

Seventh, when the excavator uphill, the driving wheel should be in the back, the arm should be on the top; when the excavator downhill, the driving wheel should be in front and the arm lever should be in the back. The upper and lower slopes shall not exceed 20 °. Downhill should be slow to travel, the way is not allowed to change speed and air block taxiing. When the excavator passes through the track, the soft soil, the clay road surface, should pave the plank.

Eighth, in the high working face of the excavation of granular soil, should be in the face of the larger stones and other debris to clear, so as not to collapse caused by accidents. If the soil dug into a suspended state and can not collapse naturally, then need manual treatment, not to use the bucket to hit it down or under pressure, so as to avoid accidents.

Article Nineth, the excavator should not be too hasty to turn the road. If the corners are too large, they should be divided into 20° each time.

Tenth, electric excavator in connection with the power supply, the switch box must be taken out of the capacitive breaker. Non-electrician personnel are prohibited to install electrical equipment. When the excavator is walking, the cable should be moved by a worker wearing a pressure-resistant rubber shoe or insulating glove. and pay attention to prevent leakage of cable damage.

Article 11th, excavators in the work, strictly prohibit the maintenance, maintenance, fastening and other work. In the course of work, if the occurrence of abnormal noise, odor, temperature rise and so on, should immediately stop inspection.

12th, the arm rod top pulley maintenance, overhaul, lubrication, replacement, should be the arm to the ground.

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