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introduction about diagnostic tools for catephillar 317-7485

Source: lora

   First, please allow me  show you that the pictures about 317-7485. 

463443509230725406.jpg   this is the picture about the 317-7485. and it is domestic. if you worry about the quality, our company can offer you three months's warranty.

  and then, please open this box and see what does it have. 

68650782641318514.jpg  oh, it seems that it has four parts in this box. two wires, a CD and a ... ( to keep a little mysterious, so i will not tell you what it is , maybe you can guess, hahaha). 

 ok, let us see more pictures about it.

  Second, i will tell you the instruction about it. In these pictures, you can see that there is a CD in it. and you just need to put your CD into your computer, and then all steps will be very clear. and you just need to forward to the all steps and then you can successfully detect your excavator. 

  Of course, if you also have other question, you can ask me for help. i will be very glad to help you. and here are my contact information:

whatsapp & phone : +86 182 0074 5616

skype :

email :

   Finally, thanks for your reading. Hope this news can help you.

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