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Excavator operation


Preparation before the homework

1, the internal combustion engine part, according to the general operating procedures of the relevant provisions of implementation;

2, carefully read the excavator manuals and other relevant technical information, carefully understand the construction site task, and take appropriate safety measures;

3. Check the solid condition and smoothness of the soil in the excavator's downtime, and the tyre-type excavator should be supported and kept stable and reliable.

4, excavation, trench, should check the cutting and groove slope stability, in order to prevent the excavator overturning;

5, prohibit any personnel in the excavator operation area to stay. The operation room of the excavator shall prohibit the entry of unrelated persons and shall not be allowed to place any items obstructing the operation;

6, excavator work site, should clear access to the sidewalk;

7, check the hydraulic system has no leakage;

8, the tyre excavator should check whether the tyre is intact, whether the air pressure conforms to the stipulation;

9, to the excavator's engine, transmission device, braking device, slewing device and instrument, instrument, etc. to check, and after the commissioning confirmed normal, can start work;

10, mechanical transmission excavator reel on the wire rope must be constantly inspected, not to have knots, twist around the phenomenon. When the broken wire exceeds 5% or the wire rope wear exceeds the regulation, it must be replaced.

II. operation and driving requirements

1, the engine start or operation should be issued before the signal;

2, loading operations, should be removed after the stop stability, and then the loading;

3, unloading the material, without hitting the self unloading to remove any part of the case, the bucket should be minimized, and prohibit from the removal of the cab over;

4, the operation, prohibit any person from the upper and lower machinery and transfer of objects, not to work side, maintenance and maintenance;

5, the operation, do not arbitrarily adjust the engine, speed regulator and hydraulic system, electrical system;

6, the work, should pay attention to select and create a reasonable working face, strictly prohibit digging hole excavation;

7. It is forbidden to smash solid objects with buckets, nor do they shatter solid objects by means of slewing machinery;

8, the excavator is prohibited to decorate in the upper and lower two excavation (face) in the simultaneous operation. When moving in the working face, the ground should be leveled first and the obstructions in the channel should be excluded. If you need to move on the soft ground, must be in the walking device Mat Square wood;

9, when the operation, in the event of a larger stone or hard object, should first clear and then continue to work, prohibit the excavation of the rock without blasting level five;

10, prohibit the use of bucket rod or bucket oil tank all out of the top of the excavator. When the bucket does not leave the ground, the excavator can not do the lateral driving or rotation movement;

11, prohibit in the electric wire and so on the work, not to be full laden bucket long time stranded in the space;

12. It is forbidden to use the excavating manipulator to drag the heavy object on the side, and to excavate the way of the sudden drop impact of the working device of the hydraulic excavator;

13, rotary platform in the upper part of the rotation movement, the rotary handle can not do the opposite direction of operation;

14, operators must pay attention to the operation of mechanical components at any time, found that abnormal should be immediately shut down, timely maintenance;

15, the shovel device is in the crawler walking device diagonal position (45 degrees or so), not in the downtime of the following industries;

III. Requirements after operation

1, the excavator needs to stop on the ramp, the bucket must land to the ground, all the joystick placed in the middle, stop braking, and should be in the track or tire rear cushion wedge Block;

2, after the work, the fuselage should be positive, the bucket will be put down to the ground, and all the joystick placed in the position of the air, the brake brake, close the mechanical windows and doors, the operator can leave;

3, in accordance with the provisions of the warranty procedures, carry out examples of maintenance operations.

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