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Basic knowledge of Excavators


1. The excavator is the economic investment big fixed assets, in order to enhance its service life to obtain the more economical benefit, the equipment must do the fixed person, the fixed machine, the position, the clear duty. When you must adjust the post, you should carry out the equipment disclosure.

2. When the excavator enters the construction site, the driver should observe the geology and surroundings of the working face first, and there shall be no obstructions in the rotation radius of the excavator, so as to avoid scratches or damage to the vehicle.

3. After the mechanical launch, prohibit any personnel to stand in the bucket, shovel arm and track, ensure safe production.

4. Excavator in the work, prohibit any person in the radius of rotation or bucket under the work to stay or walk, the driver should not enter the cab disorderly touch, not with training drivers, lest cause damage to electrical equipment.

5. Excavator in the move, the driver should first observe and whistle, after the move, to avoid the mechanical side of the accident caused by the safety of the position to ensure that the excavator rotation radius of space without any obstacles, prohibit illegal operation.

6. At the end of the work, the excavator should be removed from the low-lying place or geosyncline (ditch) edge, parked on the flat floor, close the doors and windows and locked.

7. The driver must do the equipment daily maintenance, overhaul, maintenance work, completes the equipment use Daily Record, discovers the vehicle to have the question, cannot carry on the disease work, and promptly reports the repair.

8. Must be clean and tidy in the cab, keep the body surface clean, dust-free, oil-free, the habit of cleaning the car after the work.

9. The driver should do a good job of Daily Record, on the day of the work of statistics, on the project outside the odd jobs or 0 timely procedures, and do a good record for the use of the checkout.

$number. During the work, motorists are prohibited from drinking and driving at noon, such as discovering, giving economic penalties and causing economic losses.

$number. To man-made vehicle damage, to analyze the causes, find problems, distinguish responsibilities, according to the degree of responsibility for economic penalties.

$number. To establish a high sense of responsibility, to ensure safe production, to do a good job with the construction of communication and service work, improve bilateral relations, establish a sound working style, for the development of enterprises and the effectiveness of conscientious, hard work.

$number. Excavator operation belongs to special operation, need special operation permit to drive excavator operation.

$number. Maintenance must follow the maintenance taboo.

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