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Excavator type and bucket capacity


Model 35 is 3.5 ton bucket capacity in 0.11 cubic meters

Model 60 is 6 ton bucket capacity in 0.3 cubic meters

Model 120 is 12 ton bucket capacity in 0.5 cubic meters

Model 160 is 16 ton bucket capacity in 0.65 cubic meters

Model 200 is 20 ton bucket capacity in 0.8 cubic meters

Model 220 is 22 ton bucket capacity in 1.1 cubic meters

Model 240 is 24 ton bucket capacity in 1.2 cubic meters

Model 270 is 27 ton bucket capacity in 1.5 cubic meters

Model 300 is 30 ton bucket capacity in 1.6 cubic meters

Model 400 is 40 ton bucket capacity in 1.9 cubic meters

Model 250 is 45 ton bucket capacity in 2.1 cubic meters

The above generally refers to the natural excavation of various brands of excavator models of different types of

Pc200-8, PC is represented Komatsu Excavator Series 200 is represented by 20 ton class,-8 represents the new algebra.

Carter 306, 3 is representing the Carter Excavator series 06 is representing the 6 ton class, and the new algebra is represented by ABCD.

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